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Dragoslav Grandic

About the author, and that’s me :)

I guess that first of all I should introduce myself. Well, my name is Dragoslav Grandic. I am a web developer based in Umag, Croatia. Programming, Internet and generaly computers are my great passion and occupation. I try to be creative and inventive in it. This web pages I have made by myself in year 2010, using only my imagination, skills and huge internet resources available today. I also try to make sure that this website is standard complient (W3C) with valid xhtml and css.
On this page you can find some basics about me. If you like my work come to visit me again, be activ on my blog or feel free to contact me.


Currently I’m a full time web developer for Istraturist d.d. Umag. Istraturist is a Croatian company in rendering tourist services in hotels, resorts and campsites. I’m in this company from April 2008, working as a assistant for IT E-business. Most of my activities here are upadating the content, CMS, flash animations, creating and sending newsletters, finding and implementing javascript’s, creating ASP web forms, php, mysql, and of course doing some SEO, marketing and statistics. Main goal is to develop company web pages at the higher level.


I’m a baccalaureus of economy. Graduated on faculty of Economics, department “Marketing and Trade”, direction “External and internal trade”.
As second I’m finished programing school, with main focus on Visual Basic.NET.
So my education directed me on the economic and IT side, which is my life and occupation indeed. Yet I do prefer IT a little bit more.
I’m also like to learn foreign languges. I speak, read and write English very well, as you can see (by the way, sorry for errors, I’m sure that I done some). I also know a little bit of German and Italian language.

Hobbies and interests

I’m a member of Mensa. I like to solve complicated logical tasks. Seek for solutions of logical problems that at first step looks intractable are my passion. Programming is exactly that, seeking for logical solutions, isn’t it. Maybe this is the reason why I like it.
Writing is my another passion, but unfortunately I do not write often as I would like to. I have written few short stories and songs, few of them have won some awards, some of them I will publish on my blog (you have to be logged in to see this page). If you are my friend, you are welcome to see them.
I also enjoy biking, swiming, table tennis, pool, chess…

History and goals

In year 1946 the first electronic computer ENIAC is born, 1958 year of making the first silicon chip, 1969 Unix operating system, 1971 first microchip, 1975 Altair came up with the first portable computer, 1978 SQL, 1980 IBM had hired Paul Allen and Bill Gates to create an operating system, 1981 the ANSI was founded and the first 32-bit chip was introduced by Hewlett-Packard, 1984 Macintosh operating system came up, 1990 the internet was borned and nothing wasn’t same any more, 1991 Linux and Visual Basic, 1994 php, 1996 javascript…
We live in a computer time. We are witnessing changes in the world. A lot of this is new but we still have a lot to change. Yes, today anyone can make some kind of web pages, there are lots of ready-made solution that you can change just by putting your logo. But it is not enough anymore. We are not in the nineties. What’s your excuse?
Take things into your own hands, be creative and original. If you want to be different, feel free to contact me.


Who am I

Personal details
Name: Dragoslav Grandić
Location: Umag, Istria, Croatia
Profession: Web developer, web designer, programmer
Contact details
Contact form: fill up here or
e-mail: info[at]grandic.com
the new in family: hp 4710s
and the old bucket: ASUS A9T
and a hammer when I’m mad
Windows 7
Windows XP

What do I do

Favorite tools
Web design
Visual Basic.NET